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The State Voices network fights everyday for a multiracial democracy and political power for marginalized people.

We’re crafting a new anthem. We will be heard.

We’re using our voices for power.

State Voices’ Strategic Direction

In 2018, our network of 23 state coalitions and hundreds of partners radically reimagined our vision, our people, our power, and our theory of change.

Now, we’re ready to build power in 2021 and beyond.

Using Our Voices for BIPOC Political Power

No one said freedom would be easy. But when people are oppressed, the work must be done. Oppressed people are crying out and still being unheard. Do you hear them?

With friends and partners from across the country, the State Voices network fights for those voices and communities.

This work ain’t easy. But it’s our life’s work and we’re built for this. Organizers and advocates from marginalized backgrounds are strengthening communities, fighting injustice, and helping us all remember our most sacred humanity. 

Join us and lend your voice to a new, most beautiful noise. Listen closely. Listen with love. These are voices for power.

Come join the chorus of people calling for a healthy democracy and freedom and justice for all. We can build a better world together.

Stories from the People

There are a number of key things we’re working on to build BIPOC political power. We can start by making voting and access to voting a truly universal right, and lifting up oppressed communities—and the organizations that serve them—in the decision making process.

Juanica Fernandes, Executive Director, Florida Civic Engagement Table

I’m thrilled to be a part of the State Voices network, which I’ve already come to learn is an incredible, powerful, and fierce community of humans. I am so excited to work alongside the SV team as well as Table Directors and staff across the country, whom I have so much respect for and gratitude to.

Irene Shin, Executive Director of the Virginia Civic Engagement Table

Centering leadership development as a value of organizations that work in civic engagement is key to making lasting social impact in BIPOC communities.

Melanie Herrera-Bortz, Executive Director, Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable

Join the People Power Fund

State Voices is moving money to coalitions and grassroots organizations. Our People Power Fund supports communities and voters organizing on the ground in 2020.

State Voices Network Map

State Voices is a network of 23 state coalitions called “State Tables.” State Tables work with hundreds of grassroots organizations to build local power, push for equitable elections, and advocate for self-determination.

Learn more about what’s going on at a State Table near you.

Free Art for You

We collaborated with seven BIPOC artists, asking them to create art in response to the following prompt: “What does building BIPOC political power mean to you?”

Check out the visual (and musical!) creations of the BIPOC Artist Cohort.


Give to the People Power Fund to support on-the-ground organizing.

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