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Black Voters Matter Partners with Michigan Voices holding up a census form

If you’ve been following any information about elections, the 2020 Census, or civic engagement issues in 2021, you may hear the term “redistricting” come up. If you’re not sure what redistricting is, and its significance in the fight for BIPOC political power, you’re in the right place.

We write to bring to your urgent attention a trend of pending restrictive business policies recently introduced by AT&T and T-Mobile. These new business policies, known as 10 Digit Long Code or 10DLC, reflect a punitive reaction to a growing market.

Record-breaking voter turnout in Georgia is due to BIPOC-led collectives organizing and mobilizing across the state. ProGeorgia, a State Table in our network, and their partners use integrated civic engagement to organize year-round.

We must honor Native and Indigenous people by providing direct resources and support, fighting for land reparations, and pushing for liberation from colonial forces that stole Indigenous lands and enacted genocides against Indigenous people.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has already looked very different than past years with mask mandates and social distancing guidelines in most localities. These public health concerns are also impacting the elections. Many states are temporarily changing their voting protocols for the November election, including a vote by mail.