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By knocking down the barriers of expense and availability, and investing in BIPOC communities with tools and training, we can use technology to strengthen our movement. Here are five reasons why democratizing tech matters.

We write to bring to your urgent attention a trend of pending restrictive business policies recently introduced by AT&T and T-Mobile. These new business policies, known as 10 Digit Long Code or 10DLC, reflect a punitive reaction to a growing market.

Record-breaking voter turnout in Georgia is due to BIPOC-led collectives organizing and mobilizing across the state. ProGeorgia, a State Table in our network, and their partners use integrated civic engagement to organize year-round.

Advocates in the Election Protection coalition are pushing to reform elections, protect voting rights, and provide support to voters.

Learn more about Election Protection from an advocate in Nevada in Silver State Voices.

From remnants of Jim Crow-era voter suppression to disinformation operations, the U.S. has yet to see a truly healthy democracy.

That’s where Election Protection comes in. Learn more about Election Protection from an advocate at the Florida 501c3 Civic Engagement Table.

THE WORD Culture and Liberation with the Freedom Arts Collaborative Changing hearts and minds is necessary to create the justice-filled future that we want to see.

September 21 was National Voter Registration Day, and you still have time to register! Learn 5 reasons why you should register to vote today.

The call to defund police and invest in Black futures is echoing around the world.

This October, we’re crafting a new anthem, and our people will be heard.