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WISCONSIN VOICES BELIEVES that a democracy is judged by its ability to ensure that all citizens can participate and have a say in their government, and a voice in the decision-making structures around issues that impact their lives.

WE ENVISION a Wisconsin where 100 percent of eligible voters successfully cast a ballot on Election Day; where people from all walks of life can have their voices heard; and where every person, regardless of race, gender, age, or income, helps shape the decisions that shape our state.

Wisconsin Voices believes every voice is worth fighting for.

Civic Access: Protect and expand voting rights through election administration and voter modernization; coordinate 501c3 data-driven voter registration, education, and turnout strategies

Civic Engagement: Expand our partners’ constituency base from southeastern Wisconsin to statewide, connecting urban, rural, and mid-size city Wisconsinites around common issues and aspirations; create the conditions where the New American Majority (women, people of color, youth) in Wisconsin can reclaim Wisconsin’s democracy as their own

Civic Representation: Change the process for redistricting to fairly represent the population of Wisconsin; promote campaign finance reform

Leadership Development: Provide leadership development to enhance current capacity in the 501c3 community, and create a pipeline of next-generation leaders

Wisconsin Voices


Donate to State Voices’ People Power Fund, and select Wisconsin from the dropdown at the end of the form.

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