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The Culture

Part of creating a liberated world is shifting hearts and minds. Culture is essential to this.

Check out art from BIPOC, queer, and trans artists in our Freedom Art Collaborative, several artists from across the U.S. who created designs based on the prompt, “What does BIPOC political power mean to you?

Freedom Art Collaborative

Jen White-Johnson



Dale Deforest


New Mexico

Mojo Disco


New York

Yessica Jimenez



Antonius Bui


New Haven, CT

“BlackStar” by Cheeno Ghee

If you study movements, you know that art speaks. With our Strategic Direction, we worked with a group of BIPOC artists and asked them what BIPOC political power means to them.

Cheeno Ghee, a Black queer rapper from North Carolina, wrote the song “BlackStar” about Black power and liberation. Check out the track.


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