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Check out our most recent blog posts about the fight for a healthy democracy, freedom for oppressed people, digital organizing, and pushing for a world where we can all thrive and live in our full dignity.

Executive Directors of Color Relationships and Resilience Collective

The Executive Directors of Color Relationships and Resilience Collective is a group of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color leading progressive organizations across the U.S. Learn more about them at this new video presentation of their 2020 civic engagement victories!.

What’s Election Protection? Learn From the Source! (Part Two)

Advocates in the Election Protection coalition are pushing to reform elections, protect voting rights, and provide support to voters.

Learn more about Election Protection from an advocate in Nevada in Silver State Voices.

What is Election Protection? Learn from the Source (Part One)

From remnants of Jim Crow-era voter suppression to disinformation operations, the U.S. has yet to see a truly healthy democracy.

That’s where Election Protection comes in. Learn more about Election Protection from an advocate at the Florida 501c3 Civic Engagement Table.

Culture and Liberation: The Freedom Arts Collaborative

THE WORD Culture and Liberation with the Freedom Arts Collaborative Changing hearts and minds is necessary to create the justice-filled future that we want to see.

Voices for Power: Our People

Our Affiliated Network is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community of advocates, activists and organizers committed to building people power to transform the lives of our communities — especially those who experience oppression.

Voices for Power: Our Theory of Change

We re-imagined our theory of change to seek to build a transformative democracy through deep partnership between national and state tables that models the multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural transformation we seek.

Voices for Power: Our Vision

We envision a world where Black, Indigenious, People of Color (BIPOC), women, and young people are free and able to live in their full dignity.

Voices for Power: Our Power

Our power is rooted in our commitment to centering the experiences of all oppressed people as the winning path to well resourced and thriving communities. 

“BlackStar” by Cheeno Ghee

Hip Hop artist Cheeno Ghee created the song “BlackStar” in collaboration with State Voices in response to the prompt, “what does political power for Black people, Indigenous people, and all people of color (BIPOC) mean to you?” Check it out to get your dose of Black power.

5 Reasons You Should Register to Vote Today

September 21 was National Voter Registration Day, and you still have time to register! Learn 5 reasons why you should register to vote today.

Want a Healthy Democracy? Defund Policing.

The call to defund police and invest in Black futures is echoing around the world.

Letter from State Voices: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Our Liberation

We stand together, and we will fight for our future and take every step forward that we can.

You’re Invited: Our People Powered Vote Rally

This October, we’re crafting a new anthem, and our people will be heard.

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